Hello! Instead of a regular “About” page, here’s a writing prompt from one of my favorite teachers, Kim Stafford:


"Finish this sentence in as many ways as possible: 'I am the one who...'"


(Go ahead—get a piece of paper and set the timer for five minutes! We can write together.)

I am the one who is always learning. I am the one who gets new books faster than I can read them, who writes as a way of staying grounded and sane, and who loves being with her teenage sons. I am the one who took the train across the country alone, who traveled by ferry from Bellingham to Ketchikan (42 hours and 1100 miles!), and who ran away to Costa Rica . . . but who still lives in Northeast Portland where I grew up. I’m the one who loves the smell of rain and evergreens and campfire smoke. I am the one with a cat named Tim Duncan who is sometimes good but mostly a Holy Terror. I am the one with all five seasons of Friday Night Lights but no television, two old typewriters but no Facebook page, and a Nerf hoop in the kitchen but no dishwasher or microwave. I am the one who took adult ballet lessons because I was scared of dancing and who meets once a month with a Jesuit priest to talk about God. I am the one who has learned from big-hearted and brilliant teachers, who earned an MFA in writing from Pacific University, and who now gets to teach undergrads. I am the one who dreams of living in a tiny house by a river with a fire pit, clothesline, hammock, and a chocolate lab. 
I am the one who chooses hope. 


If you responded to the prompt and want to share, email me. I’d love to learn about who you are.