Writing takes time and energy—usually more than we think it should! If you have a writing project that keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the “To Do” list (newsletter, article, web content, you-name-it) then let’s connect and see if I’m the right person to write it for you. My past projects include news articles, essays, movie and book reviews, content for websites, and official correspondence. I used to work as an editorial assistant at The Oregonian and I’m skilled at meeting deadlines and providing clear, accurate content.



The editing part of the writing process is hard to do alone. No matter how skilled and patient we are, we need help spotting the errors, inconsistencies, missed opportunities, tangled language, and places where the train completely jumps the tracks. As an editor, my goal is to help you create a finished piece that works. I want your writing to be as clean and beautiful and effective as it can possibly be. Whether you’re brainstorming ideas, figuring out a structure, constructing the actual paragraphs and sentences, or “judging” the finished product, I can help! ($60/hour)



I love helping students develop skill and confidence in their writing, but more than that I love helping them discover joy. Writing is a way to deepen our connections with ourselves and others, yet classrooms often make writing feel anxious and heavy. Remember the board game “Operation” where you have to perform surgery on a clown without zinging the metal edges? So many students write from a place of cramped apprehension. If we’re braced for the zing—a red pen, a bad grade— then our natural flow of language and our willingness to take risks dries up! I am committed to helping students develop quality pieces of writing AND to helping them develop as writers. I want students to discover a joyous relationship with words that goes with them beyond the classroom.

I currently teach at Pacific University in Forest Grove and Warner Pacific University in Portland. I’ve been a guest teacher at Robert Gray Middle School and St. Rose K-8 in Portland. I also teach private workshops.




Writing might be solitary but that doesn’t mean you have to be in it alone. We all need extra support sometimes. I work one-on-one with people to find a creative flow, explore new forms and ideas, build momentum, and get things done.

Coaching involves elements of everything listed on this page: I’ll come alongside and share my skills, training, and resources as a fellow-writer, teacher, and editor. Helping writers find a rich and life-giving rhythm in their work is a privilege and a joy. I LOVE it! I love the playful, curious process of listening for the words that are waiting to be written.

Each coaching relationship is different—it depends on what you want to accomplish and how you learn. In general, I provide readings, prompts, feedback, suggestions, support, shameless word-nerd enthusiasm, and (if needed) deadlines. :) My approach is fluid and individual.

Coaching occurs in person in Portland or over the phone. ($75/hour in person, $50/hour via phone)