Class Notes #3 — Little Mistakes

Last week I got this email from a student:

“Hi, Jenna,

I woke up feeling pretty light headed and had a super bag soar throat. I won’t be in class today, is there anything I need to do to have all my dicks in a row on Friday?”

(I love teaching. I really do. :))

A friend told me that auto-correct is like an elf who wants to help except he’s drunk. The latest batch of emails and essays from students are covered with drunk-elf fingerprints. They make up words like “multiplitude” and “exuberated”. They don’t notice when autocorrect turns “conservation” into “conversation”, “meditation" into “mediation”, or “baked” into “naked”.

When I was in school, I would have been mortified to accidentally send that email to one of my profs. I avoided mistakes at all costs (often at the expense of learning) because I didn’t know how to laugh at them. I would not have been able to respond like my student did:

“I just read all the auto corrected typos. Oh boy. I best get all my dicks in a row before I email you again!”

Last week my eighth grader’s school had a talent show. He said the best act was a fourth grader who tap danced, except her tap shoe came off at the beginning of the song and she couldn’t get it on again. So she danced with one shoe even though she never caught up with the music. My hero. :)